Elect Ken Moninski for
State Representative

5th Legislative District  - Position 1

I am running to represent the 5th Legislative District in Olympia to secure practical solutions that reflect our shared values so together we can lead Washington to a Better Way Forward.

As we emerge from the impact of the coronavirus, the politics of the past will no longer serve the realities of the future. Now is the time for new voices to amplify common-sense policies that revitalize our economy, enhance the education of our children, and allow us to return to normal while ensuring that we protect the most vulnerable among us.

There will be many difficult decisions ahead of us. I will seek innovative solutions to the many housing, transportation, and healthcare challenges at a time when Olympia must make difficult cuts to its budget.

While others seek direction from entrenched special interests, I trust the wisdom of the citizens of the 5th District and ask for your vote in the August Primary Election.